2 Way Cock

3-Way Stopcock

Product Features

  1. Three-way stopcock is suitable for use during presser infusion and invasive blood pressure monitoring.
  2. Smooth 360° rotation or Dispoclick 45° Steps.
  3. Clear body for easy visual of fluid flow.
  4. Arrow mark on tap for indicating flow direction.
  5. Prevents vortex and reduces thrombus formation.
  6. Excellent pressure resistance up to 300kPa (45psi).
  7. Two(2) female luers, and one (1) male luers for secure connection with accessories, as per ISO-80369-7.

Options Available

  1. Red and Blue pegs for arterial and venous line identification.
Technical Specification
Tap Colours
Tap Rotation
Packing Specification
Lipid Resistant
Smooth 45° Click
Inner 50

Outer 500
Lipid Resistant
Smooth 45° Click
Lipid Resistant
Smooth 45° Click

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