Hemodialysis Blood line

Universally compatible, ergonomically designed hemodialysis bloodline to establish an extracorporeal circulation channel for blood dialysis therapy.

Product Features

High and reliable Disposafe's High Quality, ensuring patient safety
  1. Certified quality system for development and production.
  2. Perfect compatibility with machine interfaces.
  3. Assuring the highest safety and performance with most machines.
  4. Pump tube with high elasticity PVC Material for long-term use.
  5. Exclusive use of plasticizers with high hemo-compatibility and.
  6. negligible cytotoxic reactions.
  7. Highly color-coded components. No additional clamps are required.
  8. ETO Sterilized with unique pre-conditioning and degassing.
  9. a process resulting in minimal residual ETO content.
Soft, Kink Resistant, Pvc Tubing
  1. Pump segment 9.85 6.5 mm.
  2. Priming Volume 150 ml.
  3. DEHP Free plasticizer.
  4. Well-documented safety characteristics.
Large Shield Injection Ports
  1. Latex-free septum injection site allows easy injection access.
  2. Colour-coded.
  3. Large finger protection shield for safe injection access.
Ergonomic Patient Connector
  1. Optimal gro on the rotational part allows ease of use.
  2. Easily ensure a secure connection.
  3. Easy to remove protective caps.

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