Lung Exerciser

Product Features

  1. Three flow rates 600 ml/ sec, 900 ml/sec, and 1200 ml/sec are identified by three different color balls.
  2. E.V.A. The connecting tube is very flexible for easy maneuvering.
  3. P.P flash free rounded surface mouthpiece is for user comfort.
  4. Lung exercise is to be used post covid and cardiac surgery on recommendation of surgeon/paramedic staff.
  5. Using a lung exerciser can help to open your airway and prevent fluid or mucus from accumulating in your lungs.
  6. A component body made of Polycarbonate for better strength & transparency.
  7. Supplied Non Sterile.
  8. To be cleaned with Mild detergent and use a lot of water to wipe off the detergent.

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