Hemodialysis Catheter Kit

Hemodialysis Catheter Kit

  1. Colour-coded luer for easy identification of artery & venous infusion lines.
  2. Available with single, double & triple lumen extensions for neonates & Adults.
  3. Made of Polyurethane material which provides strength during insertion.
  4. Radio-opaque catheter with clear, definite marking to ensure correct placement of catheter under X-ray.
  5. Soft tip designed to resist positional occlusion and reduce trauma.
  6. Curved extensions for jugular vein approaches to make the catheter more comfortable for the patient.

Kit Contains

  1. Indwelling catheter
  2. Y-Introducer needle with valve
  3. J-tip nitinol guide wire
  4. Dilators 2 no's
  5. Luer lock syringe
  6. Scalpel

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